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  • Kathy Kerber

The life of worship

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The day the Body meets to celebrate, fellowship, and be taught, provides a mountaintop experience. It doesn't matter how the songs went, or whether the service was seamless and reverent, or if the sermon thought-provoking and relevant. My euphoria comes from that sense of belonging, the time to pray together with the team and again with the congregation, the singing of songs of praise to our WORTHY Father, and the sermon which points me to something the Lord wants to teach me. This is a wonderful day of corporately praising Him, and I am overwhelmed by His love and the love of His people. But this is not worship, in my opinion. This is an event, an oasis, and it exists in a bubble of safety and peace. Worship is what I do (or do not do!) in how I live each day. Worship is the act of living out what I sing on Sunday, and embodying the life of Christ as He lived it. Service, sacrifice, humility, peacemaking, hope-giving, loving the people in this world He made, with an all-inclusive love that resembles His. May He increase in my life, and may I decrease.

Blessings, Friend

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