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Hi there!  I'm Kathy, and I love to write, sing, and play for the Lord.  My life has had many trials, the most recent has been the loss of my husband of 22 years, but the Lord, in His mercy, has given me new songs to sing for His glory, and I continue to write and share the music He blesses me with.  Friend, music is a gift to be shared, and so I hope that, as you listen, you will find hope and encouragement, and that your thoughts will turn to the Lord.  I know what it is to feel hopeless, despairing, and God has taken what the Enemy meant to destroy me, and instead He has restored me through His Spirit, and the songs He gave me to share with others have been whispered back to me during those dark days.  I don't know where you are, but if you can relate, know we are kindred spirits.  The Lord is good. Life is a gift, though it does not always feel like it.  If you need prayer, use the Contact button above and send me your request.  I will pray for you. 


♥ Kathy K  



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