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  • Kathy Kerber

Loved, Chosen, Cherished

When I read those words, I am moved to tears. There was a time when I knew, I mean REALLY KNEW I was none of those things. I don't know how I could believe that lie, but I'm not alone. Maybe you read those words and hear a voice telling you you are not worthy, that you are alone. But you are NOT. If you are seeking proof of your value, you need only look at the cross and reflect on the possibility that someone might die for you. And then that someone who was without sin, without blame, would go to hell and back for you. Jesus Christ died for you. His journey to the cross must have felt hopeless. The Father had turned His back on Jesus, in order that He alone might bear this burden - the weight of the sins of all mankind. But He would have done this if you were the ONLY person in need of salvation. Hear me, friend. YOU are LOVED, CHOSEN, CHERISHED. You are valued above life itself. Your value is in the price that was paid for you. The ransom for YOU was priceless. YOU are priceless. If you need prayer, please use the contact me form and I'll pray for you.

Read I John 3:16. It is a little different than John 3:16. It is actually my favorite verse.

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